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Frugal flagging & metal tree markers


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Having used surveyor type flagging many years.

I notice, anywhere with hot summers, high wind & severe cold winter weather conditions.

Regular bright colored flagging would become brittle, falls apart & blows away after a year or 2.

Metal tags last for decades.

You can buy a 25ft X 6 inch roll of aluminum flashing for about $15 @ local hardware stores.

Cut it in 1 inch strips with a bench type paper cutter.

End result is about 300 one by 6 inch aluminum tree tags for about 0.05 cents each.


A tag like that & a nail is a pretty cheap tree marker tag.

Don’t pound the nail through the tag, tight against the tree.

As the tree grows, it will push the tag off the tree.

Leave about an inch of nail protruding from the tree.

That will usually last 30 or 40 years.

If you want some flagging too flutter & make the metal tag more noticeable.

Instead of regular plastic flagging, use tyvek. It will last a decade or 2.

It’s free (see picture) in a lot of places & you can cut it in strips with the same paper cutter.

If you want to write on the tyvek, or metal marker use an indelible magic marker.

That will also last for years.


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Great tips ya have there.

I just blazed a route for a water line.

I used soda cans with about a 10" spike placed through the hole

and driven through the bottom of the can, "nailing" the can to a tree.

The spike head is still exposed where I can get a hold of the spike

and pull it out.

It's what I had on hand and it really worked quite well.

After I lay the water line I'll remove the cans.

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