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Got Out For A Couple of Hours Today


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Sharon wanted to go dig in the dirt today so we went up to Olney Creek which is relatively close to the house and I have gotten a few colors from in the past. It's an open prospecting area and is worked very hard by a lot of miners. We processed several buckets of bank run through our stream sluice and brought home the cons to process in the next day or so. I did bring home a bucket of bank run screened to 1/4 inch to give my recirculating system a test and evaluation. Here are a couple of photos of the creek for you desert guys to enjoy. It is absolutely gorgeous out at the creek.




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What's that in the top right hand corner of the 2nd picture? Almost looks like a cave.


Rim, That's where people have dug out and undercut the bank above the bedrock. I think the original streambed was in that direction at one time. Not a cool thing to do here in WA. The state has regulations on where you can and cannot dig in and around a streambed. I am not sure how that can work on federal public land but it is what it is.

HJ and Garimpo, most of that bedrock has been worked pretty hard. Earlier in April the water was very high and fast, probably waist deep, in that area from the melt off upstream. As soon as it went down and exposed a lot of that bedrock it was impossible to even find a parking spot out there. I am sure there is still gold that could be found using a dredge during the short dredging season on that creek. Further upstream there is much more exposed bedrock available. But the access is a bit tough and we did not have a lot of time yesterday. I may head back up there tomorrow.


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Put in a dredge with a righteous blaster nozzle and you'd be absolutely amazed at whats left. Blastn' makes all the difference in the world. Pretty awsome spot,can ya'all imagine how much gold a spot like that originally held???? thanx much for pics and such much appreciated-John

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