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Gold Smelting Furnace

Uncle Ron

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Yo All .. I've got this old gold smelting kiln that I've smelted bunches of gold in back in the day, but I made them mistake of loaning it to a gold mining company and when they gave it back to me (after about four years) it was trashed ... My Bro in law has tried to fix it but it looks like I need some new parts ... I've googled the hell out of it and just hit dead ends ... anybody know any thing about this:

VIGOR electric burnout furnace

Model #CA 1045

115 volt. 14 amps

Serial no. 6/78

B. Jadow and sons. Inc.

NewYork, NY. 10010

Cheers, Unc

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What type of parts are you looking for?

Refractory brick?



Tom H.

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Hi Tom ... I need elements and bricks .. I think the rheostat works ok ... Cheers, Unc


If the bricks are all crappy you might try just flipping them over so a good side shows and the bad is up against the steel outer surface.

Heres a link to elements.

This web site sells the bricks also but they are kind of spendy.


I have bought items like this from a boiler supply place here in Peoria.

Arizona Boiler supply

8282 North 75th Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85345

(623) 979-3301

I needed a piece of insulating blanket for my thermocouple probe that I stick in melted brass for when im casting.

They guy just cut a piece off and gave it to me. :)

Also...just throw a Ohm meter on the reostat and see if it goes up and down when you turn the dial.

Hope this helps.

Tom H.

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Hey, I have one of those furnaces too, since about 1983. If it has its original cord, check it occasionally because sometime in the last 10 years mine started leaching plasticizers and became very sticky and brittle. The cord is 14/3 type SJ, which they still make, and the plug is removable and reusable, at least on mine. My serial number is very different than yours though.


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