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Why I like this forum...


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The Pictures :)

It's like Porn for Miners!!!

I can't wait until it cools off and you guys get back out swinging your thingies...

Up here in Washington State - dectecting isn't really an option...

Dredging is the only way I can get mine.

From July 2012...


Ron in WA

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Why I like this forum... Simple... It's home to me... I've meet some of the finest people I have ever known in my life because of Bill and this forum... Simple... It's Home!... And the BS sessions around the campfires at the outings are a real HOOT...LMAO....

BTW Ron...What is that Ruger? SWEET!

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I've lurked here for eons - so I know most of you here, just not personally :)

It's the Ruger KP345 45ACP - it's been a very nice sidearm!

Someday, I'm heading south to play with my Gold Bug II - it's pretty well useless here.

Ron in WA

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It's nice to be able to go beeping for a day or half a day depending on the temps....drink a lot of water/gatoraid....

when worn slick get back to the house and visit with the forum family/ drink beer/ lots of good ideas and thoughts/

drink more beer/ see pics of who's finding what and who's not/ drink another beer/.....pit stop on the way to the frig....

agora onde eu estava/ oh yea....ya'll be good....siesta time :zzzzz:

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