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Anyone here working central NC Uwharrie or Guilford county areas?


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Going into 3rd year in NC and finding color every stream I hit but as yet NO pickers or nuggets. I've moved more out of guilford county area down to Uwharrie in hopes of that first picker I can trully call a picker. I've put endless hours in researching gold and NC and have yet to come home empty handed on any outing and finding more concentrations each time as well but still no reall picker. My largest piecees are probably 20 to 30 mesh. I want some 12 mesh + for a change. Last area is putting out an average of 24 pieces per pan of 30 mesh and smaller. I know the pickers are out there and in the area but I want to find the most productive area for pickers. Even if just 1 a week lol One of our 6 or 7 belts has to be averiging more pickers then the others. I know I'm not loseing any gold and if I were it would be so micro it wouldn't matter. In the gold I do get I pan down and find lots of micro gold. as small as -120 mesh. In fact the lack of finding bigger gold has put me into atleast trying to find the smallest piece. To date that would be about 700 pieces that would fit into a grain of salt. I pan it down that small regerly on a daily basis.



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Welcome to the forum EurekaGoldPan!! :D

That's some nice looking NC gold, thanks for posting!!

Finding pickers in NC is possible, but not an everyday or weekly occurrence and yes there have been pickers found in the Uwharrie National Forest but not on a weekly basis or even a monthly basis.

Feel good that you're finding gold everytime you go out, many do not and and would love to have your luck and or skill in doing so, if and when you find a picker just feel blessed that you found one and wait for the next one, many oldtimers in NC get giddy and act like a kid on his birthday :wee: when they find a picker!!!

That being said pickers are out there and the occasion rare nugget as well, you will just have to wait for your time to find one to come up in your pan.

Unfortunately the ones finding the pickers and or the rare nugget will unlikely volunteer the location of where they were found.


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