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Please help name this.

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Welcome to the forum TK...

I am not a specialist and not sure from the pic...a clearer pic would help. Looks like a geode bed in Caliche but i may be wrong...My lighting here almost makes the pic too light to see. Anyway , value is in the eye of the beholder on this and would depend upon what is on the inside.... just my thoughts. Have an awesome weekend and oh yeah your conglomeration is pretty cool. Lou

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Calcite must have a lot of different look's fellows.

This is a pic of gold in calcite. Almost pure white.



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Well now I know why I never wanted to be a geologist...lol

He probably could have poured some of that coke on it. It use to have phosphoric acid in it. As far as I know it still does.

Thank's guys!

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Hey Rim ,

it makes your hair fall out too !!!!

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