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My review of the Liberty Headphones,,,


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Let me start by saying I never thought I could justify very much money for a set of headphones. The main reason being I have bad hearing and thought “what’s the use”. I have used several brands and styles of HP , on the ear, over the ear, ear-buds, Pioneer, Koss, Skull Candy, and was able to hear some differences in tones but mostly for me it was trying to find a set that I could hear well enough and wear all day.

When I found out I had a little money to burn I though a high-end set of HP would help me out with my Etrac and new Whites GMT gold machine. I went shopping and looked VERY hard after many comparisons I was looking hard at a pair that offered TWO cords with the headset as they were plugged at both ends and they claimed “No Down Time” with the two cords cuz that’s were most people have trouble with HP,,,,,, the cord. This made a lot of sense to me and I was almost ready to purchase them when I heard about the LIBERTY headphones. They where plugged at both ends also and I thought if I could order a second cord I’d have “no down time”

I called Mike, AKA “buckeyehunter“ and asked if he would include a second cord and he agreed for only $10.00 more. He offers three levels of noise reduction and will put the cord on either side along with single or dual volume controls. He hand-builds the HP to your order so you can get what you want ! I wanted an on/off switch installed to turn off the HP during a dig. Mike told me the stereo/mono switch served the same purpose. It’s nice to have silence with a flip of the switch.

When the HP got here I was BLOWN AWAY by the size and heft of the cord!!! I doubt I will EVER use the second one , EVER !!! The pads are leather , the volume controls have a nice feel to them and are placed well. They are light and comfortable. I choose the big 33 decibels noise rated phones for max noise reduction and they are very quiet but not so quiet that I feel someone could sneak up behind me. I can hear most sounds but at a level that does not drown out the signal from the MD. The tones from my MD are crystal clear and with the 150 ohm speakers I can hear slight differences in the tones that I was missing before. They are warm in the heat but so are all HP’s. Mike’s attention to detail during construction is obvious and was appreciated. The only flaw so far has been the small rubber rings he used to hold the wires along the frame have broken after three months of use. This is the first set of HP that I could wear and after a short time forget they were there !!!

All-in-all very happy with the HP’s and recommend them to anyone. They have a great warranty and Mike’s service is top notch !!

Here is a link to them: http://mtdetectorsales.com/Liberty-Headphones.php

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