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Inexpensive Grizzy for a small hand mucking operation


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A friend was over & showed me a video of where he was doing some pick, shovel & wheel barrow hand placer mining on a small old channel lava capped tertiary streambed, exposed on the side of a ridge. He used 4 inch irrigation pipe & gravity flow water from a nearby stream to run a sluice box.

I bust out laughing at what he was using for a grizzly over the head end of the sluice box. A steel shopping cart basket. Minus the cart part & wheels.

I was actually impressed with his ingenuity.

So much I went & took a picture of one like he was using.


He got so muck bound, with oversized cobbles. He rigged an overhead cable & a sheave type snatch block.

So he could load the basket, hoist it up a little & move it on the sheave block roller, to dump the cobbles away from the header box of the sluice.

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Hey El Do ,

come over to my neighborhood there are shopping carts on every corner... That ws the first thing we noticed when we got here... they are everywhere except for the stores...

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