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Going Through Concentrates


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Since being so hot outside a lot of times I like to go through my concentrates/ 5 gallon buckets. I took a few hours, and even had the Mrs help me pick out a little over half a gram of gold. Will have to get to more of it later when time permits. Just thought I would share a little with everyone.




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Sweet! What are you using to go through them?


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Thanks everyone...

I got the scale as a gift long ago.

Jim- I have some 5 gallon classified buckets that I bring back after a day detecting, just scooping off bedrock, then I have a Gold Cube that I use to get the gold out of. Then I bluebowl them,


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Drywasher?....Nice little scale with the cup and all... Where can a fella find one of those?

That scale caught my eye too and i had to look it up...... looks nice....especially the gold in it



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