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I know she will understand

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Last week I sold that AR I bought. It just wasn't my thing I guess and right after that I found this S&W 27-2 (1978) 357 mag with a 8 3/8" bbl. $225.00 The cylinder has some blueing loss and will have to be reblued. Other than that it is in perfect condition.


I think I caught some kind of sickness, kinda like gold fever but this must be revolver fever

Yesterday I'm out looking at a S&W Model 28-2 357 mag Highway Patrolman P&R (1975) private party There is a little holster wear here and there. On right side at about 11:00 there is a rust spot but not to bad. Cleaned up real nice. post-227-0-23377100-1346027539_thumb.jpgpost-227-0-88096400-1346027541_thumb.jpg

Then I see another one in the rack that looks a bit better, but it is a S&W 29-2 44 mag and real sharp P&R (1980)w/ TT, TH, red ramp F sight, white outlined rear sight, hardley notice the ring on cylinder, might poss be a small blue wear at tip of barrel, hard to tell. No other wear or bluing loss.

I then ask what is the asking price on the 28-2 and what about the 29-2. Hmmmm! what about if I take them both?? No origional grips for either so I will have to find some.


Can I take them home and check them out farther, No problem

I was going to take them back but instead I think I will give him the $750.00 cash he wants for both?? biggrin.gif

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