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I was at a store today. As I walked outside, I threw away an empty to go cup of coffee. Got in my rig & headed home. Driving along, a BINGO light came on in my head. I turned around, went back & eyeballed the trash receptacle I had used minutes before. I called a bunch of local used & surplus office & building supply places. I found several of them used @ $50 to $150 bucks each, depending on condition These are dream screens for a trommel tube. Almost ¼ inch thick steel.




If you wonder, plan is to build a trailer mounted trommel this winter.

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It helps me that I have a full Fab shop :)

One of our neighbors makes the expanded metal security covers for municipal and community water valves (think of those locking doghouse-looking things over your neighborhood sprinkler and main water valves. So I can get expanded and punched metal all day in just about any size. he also has the rollers to roll it into shape. :)

Very good eye to spot that.

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Thanks for the kind words.

You are fortunate to have all that available to you.

Sadly, I am not much of a welder.

About all I can do is tack things together.

Last thing I welded was my 100 G size BBQ



Screening type wash plants & trommels have a lot of vibration & stress points.

So, I leave that sort of welding to the journeyman.

Sad thing today is the cost of METAL.

Enough to make you vomit, when you need a lot of it.

I am just gathering the bits & pieces for the build.

Plan is to build the trommel on a duel axle trailer, which I am shopping for now.


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EM trash can is a cool idea as us miners can repurpose purt' near anythang. NICE lookn' green machine(color not brand)--homie or store bought??John


They are around $1600 + freight. Unless you pick it up yourself.

Not strong enough for my purposes.

In most cases, better than a normal highbanker though.

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Not sure where you are EM, but I'd gladly trade you some welding time for some of that cookin :D

I wish I was a better welder.

My Dad owned a couple restaurants, when I was a kid.

So, I learned cooking at a very young age.

Plus, a few times in my youth, things were near starvation lean.

So, I really appreciate good cooking & stick to your ribs food.

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