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Ain't no sunshine....performed by Matt Andersen. What? You never heard of him? Me neither...until I found this gem. Dude is full of the Blues!   Legend says he still holding that last note

Bill Withers wrote that song. He was one of the best lyricists to ever write a line. He was also just as funky as heck.  Here is my favorite Bill Withers tune. Use Me Up.    

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Thanks for the Johnny Winter and Rory G vids. Cool stuff. That's Tommy Shannon playing bass in the 2nd JW vid. He joined SRV in 1974 and formed Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble along with Chris Layton on drums.. It caused a rift between JW and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Supposedly patched up prior to Stevie's death. So much great music from both JW and SRV.

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Dayam Bill!

You are batting 10,000! Savoy Brown? Salma Hayek's table dance??? Sheeeze!!! You have some good taste my friend! (Let's face it, that dance would be awesome to bagpipe music. I have been to the "Titty Twister"...It is between Socorro and Truth or Consequences on I-25 and is every bit as rough as the movie says it is!)

I have been sneaking around in the woods listening to this in my head between bugles and bleats. You can hear my cow call several times in this song!


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...... I died in 1977 ....... felt the darkness Mr D ! ...... seen the light for too long now ......

THE STONES STILL A ROCKN' FOR OVER 50 YEARS-----oops sorry for double post as I got sooo hung up on song that I forgot it was on here already as just got 2 new to me ones in my email-anyhow twice as good now and both rock---John

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