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Ain't no sunshine....performed by Matt Andersen. What? You never heard of him? Me neither...until I found this gem. Dude is full of the Blues!   Legend says he still holding that last note

Bill Withers wrote that song. He was one of the best lyricists to ever write a line. He was also just as funky as heck.  Here is my favorite Bill Withers tune. Use Me Up.    

Posted Images

I LOVE pianer boogie woogie.. I especially love it when played by the last people on earth you'd think by looking at them could or would play it..

What I don't love is when the music is out of synch with the vid.. That usually happens when recorded in settings like the above -- orchestral settings, studio settings and the like.. This happens because there's other recording going on at the same time -- straight audio recording from mics around and/or within the piano proper to eliminate extraneous noise while capturing a more true piano sound.. Then the dood in the editing suite blows the synch and ya end up with the above -- in this case a vid where the visual is in front of the audio.. Talk about yer scrambled brain n eyeballs, geesshhh.. Kinda reminds me of how over-the-air digital TV is -- just out-of-synch enough to feel very AI in nature..

So, for your viewing and listening pleasure, let's take a look and listen to the same tune as played by Joerg and another dude at the same time on the same funky upright pianer in a barroom setting: 

EDIT: This may have posted as a link instead of being imbedded.. If so, sorry..

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Kewl..! Yeah, Jacob has a bit of history I do believe.. He played Jerry Lee Lewis in a stage play I think it was, may have been a movie, a few years back.. It was about "The Million Dollar Band" -- which is to say Jerry Lee, Elvis, Johnny Cash and...and...uh-oh, brain phart, one of the rock-a-billy singer/guitarists of the early Sun Recording Studio / Sam Phillips days.. Dang, this gettin' older thing sux..!

Anyhowww, here's a band boogie thang hope y'all enjoy.. May be a familiar face or two in this besides Albert Lee.. I do believe that's Georgie Fame on Hammond (don't ask me to recall his real name right now, lol..) Mike Sanchez on pianer: 

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