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Detecting the Wind,Rain an Lightning !!

frank c

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Wednesdays no blue sky was a day next to nature fer sure.

It was a totally storm covered sky with lightnin spikes an interferrence abundant on the P.I.

We got drenched and had to go back to change clothes twice but it was worth it. I have always had good detecting when most others wouldn't even venture out to hunt.

Using a smaller elliptic style or round coil lessens the effects of interference from lightning and rumbling clouds around you.

Heres proof of the pudding a nice 1/8 th ounce speci up on a slope out of the wash I was detecting.

And a good .4 dwt dink to go with it.

Haven't been gettin out to beep much lately so I really enjoyed the hunt.


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Thats a nice speci Frank!

Glad you were able to get out and do some detecting. :)

That will soothe the itch for week or so.

Very nice gold for sure.

Between the vampire nugget and this one were going to start having to call you the

Speci man....get it.. speciman.. SPECI man.......I thought it was funny. :P

Tom H.

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Frank nice pieces, seems when the ground is wet, the PI is more sensative. I was at Gold Basin last year, had a heavy downpoor, waited 2 hours in the truck, got out after is passed and found a couple nice gram size pieces that day. Congrats on the finds.


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Frank it's nice that you found gold....beautiful stuff for sure....

Just be careful....I'm with Fred Mason on using caution when there's lightening in the area....

in 2005 I was doing what you did but instead of getting gold I got struck by lightening.....I

didn't fall to the ground but when I came to I was just standing slightly bent forward just like

I was detecting.....don't know how long I had been like that but I can tell you it hurt....

Now soon as I hear the strike in the ear phones I turn the detector off.....keep the coil lowered

and head for the truck....

About three months after my ordeal my good friend here was on the river bank not far from where

I got struck, fishing with his dad when his dad got struck and killed him where he sat....

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Thanks Fred , I think maybe you weren't "GROUNDED" when you blew the Garret. :ROFL:

Don, I try to keep an eye on the surroundings, when things get "sorta hairy" I pack it in.

But I understand what your saying it can catch you offguard.

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Gottcha FRED, it was a good temperature window in the weather for me. I was watching the forecasts faithfully waiting for a drop in the triple digits and the storm provided that for a couple days.

It was in the 80's for 2 days and the storm provided that. Lightning is no joke few live to talk about it.

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