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Very cool Steve, the only problem with it all is if'n sometime in the future someone does find this feller and his treasure, as far as the law's concerned, one would have taken evidence from a potential crime scene,( but that would be just in the eyes of the law), and that would justify them confiscating your rightfully found treasure.The old man needs to rethink his plan a little. Maybe?

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Frank, if I were to find this treasure or any treasure for the matter, I would keep my mouth shut and not tell a single soul. Dispose of it very ,very quietly.... The bigger the treasure, the more people that will cause headaches. You will probably even get sued. I know it would be difficult to do but it's the only way to keep your sanity and your newfound wealth...


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I wonder what the latest on this is. I know quite a few people were looking for this treasure when the poem was originally published. I don't think it will ever be found.. if it even exist. There's a treasure in Missouri based on codes which has yet to be found, even after 40 years of people trying to solve it. No doubt fewer people are interested in it after all this time and I doubt anyone wll find it unless someone just stumbles across it.

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