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Storage/transport ideas for detector

Big Jeff

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I have an older SDv2 series Minelab and am out of ideas as how to pack everything up into one transportable storage unit. 3 coils, 2 of those John Deere sized batteries, cables chargers plus all the other little essentials. I have a soft case for it but that doesn't even come close. Pictures please. :th:

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Thanks, I found it, but was thinking more store bought and reasonably cheap (if that's even possible)... Seems Frank has more skills than I can muster anytime soon. Although that is really kick ass! :wubu: Frank.

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That's what I need however currently unavailable... Is there anywhere that stuff like that would be sold locally?... Besides wallyworld... I haven't been inside one of those stores in over 3 1/2 years and don't want to ruin my record. Thanks.

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Sgt Frank and I both have golf club travel bags (suitcase, if you will)

His is an older one and very hard to find with individual slots for clubs. He turned it inside out

mine is made to put your entire club bag inside. I just built a padded pvc frame inside for some rigidity and it has wheels.

I can fit all five of my coils, with lower shafts, in with batteries and such.

Look at Goodwill or similar. Found mine at a swap meet for $20 or so.

Both are soft- side with padding.

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2ND that Lowes , its worth a trip to see whats in stock.

I recently scoured many stores for a new utility box to mount on the back of the quad and found a nice one at Lowes its wide enough to keep my 8" ML coil mounted on a lower rod stowed in there with plenty more room waterproof and dustproof seal on it too.

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