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The floor gave way

Allen in MT

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Was out looking over some old miners digs and came across this one that had a tailings pile comming out of one side. There isn't much left of these old sites but they are interesting to look around at. This 1st pic I took standing at the end of tailing pile looking towards the cabin post-227-0-99946600-1345334267_thumb.jpg The next pic is one about halfway to the cabin site.post-227-0-73547100-1345334270_thumb.jpg. The old miner that lived in this is indicative of alot of the old sites around here. This is the 3rd one where over the years of snow pack the shaft finally gave way and sunk in post-227-0-02364600-1345334358_thumb.jpg It makes one wonder how deep they went and if they found anything. post-227-0-73161900-1345334273_thumb.jpg. The tailing pile consisted mainly decomposed granite of grey and rust sand type and some medium sized rock. I raked down three different areas of the tailing pile and detected the area and after alot of sweating it was apparent that they didn't leave anything for me other than a few rusty nails, but it was fun.

Still looking for that one tailing pile where the rock sings out but you cant see anything, where if they didn't see the gold in the rock it went out in the pile.


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And work it easily in them nasty long winters. Your heading reminded me of the floor giving way in 6 Mile canyon behind my house in Dayton NV,lucky I was tied off to the truck bumper as that straight down chute seemed to go forever and just a dangling there was indeed vexing---aaaaaaa LL vexing-NO scared the holy crap outta me as all disappeared in a second and got beat up pretty bad-GREAT pix and thanx much-John

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