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9 mile hike in THIS heat?

lotsa luck

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Left the house this morning in the dark and started hiking at 0730 into what turned out to be some of the coolest looking terrain I have found in AZ. Walked and climbed around 6000' underground alone while taking ore samples along the way. Drank 3 gallons of Vitalyte and never needed to "go find a bush".

Found gold, a huge millipede, 2 racers and a few old shacks that have not been seen by many in 100 years I bet. Some very strange placers also found that I will post pics and questions about here soon. Tiny short washes with large boulders but only small sections cleaned to bare bedrock clearly by hand.

Short and very dark video here of A level in the target mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki7-VksglWI&feature=youtu.be

If this plate could talk...






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Best tiny flashlight I ever had or used.

Gerber Infinity Ultra Task Light 22-80010 (Around $20 USD)

Key Features 30 ft beam

60 hours on one AA battery


Product Description:

The Gerber Infinity Ultra Task Light model 22-80010 runs on one AA battery for up to 60 hours. The white L.E.D. bulb never burns out and can cast a beam 30 ft long. The body of the flashlight is made of anodized aircraft aluminum and is water proof thanks to the o-rings integrated into the caps. The Infinity Ultra Task Light weighs only 2.2 oz and is perfect for gear packs where space is limited, but big light is a must.

Technical Specs:

Light source: 1 white L.E.D. bulb

Run time: 60 hours on one AA battery

Body material: anodized aluminum


Weight: 2.2 oz

UPC Code: 013658800106

Read reviews:


SEE ALSO: Gerber Axle 2x3 Headlamp 22-80141

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Anytime I go underground I have at least 3 sources of quality light. Had a surefire and two Petzels on this trip. In the video only the Tika was on as that's my preferred light. Not super bright but lite and long lasting. It was an ore sampling trip and didn't really mean to video anything it was just such a long drift I was tired and thought I'd shoot some just in case.

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I would wager it's a LOT cooler once back in a drift, than outside in the scorching sun.

Years back, led a body recovery in an old mine.

Hunter with a flashlight, found the adit.

Walked in, never came out. Pickup w/camper parked on the dump.

Tail of the tape is.

Air became oxygen deficient around 1100 ft in. (no natural ventilation)

Found him @ 1500ft. Looks like he set down to rest.

Fell asleep & never woke up.

Wife reported him missing, when he didn‘t come back on schedule.

USFS found his truck, saw the foot prints in the portal mud-slime, going in.

None coming out.

Called in an underground rescue crew.

Dead air is an easy way to die, because you don’t know or feel it killing you.

You just get tired, set down to rest, fall asleep & it’s over.

If he would have had a candle lit, in a #10 tin can.

You will note the flame gets lower & lower, the less oxygen, until it goes out.

That would have saved him, if he had known better.

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Bic lighter works better but my air monitor is also kind of handy for LEL's etc... Done many a body recovery in drifts and winzes, even rescued a few dogs from winzes when the owners led them in underground.

This thing was blowing almost cold air from the ventilation of its height.

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