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Thrift Store Score!!!

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I was in a Thrift Store yesterday and as I was leaving way off in the corner and buried somewhat deep something caught my attention. I could only see the arm cuff of a metal detector but I had seen enough of these to know exactly what it was. As I approached it my first thought was "OMG that HAS to be a Minelab Explorer?!", as I started getting closer I realised "YES it is, it has an extra coil, AND it only costs $95.99!"-


I didn't even have to think about it so I immediately snatched it up, paid for it, then took it home and it fired right up!!.

It has a few bumps and bruises from sitting around someones house but it doesn't show the typical wear and tear from regular field use. Here's a couple pics-



I know the Explorer II is a little old but for only $96 who can complain?!

It just simply amazes me what people will donate to thrift stores!!


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Thanks for the congrats everyone.

Well I've read the maual now and I had to actually stop my head from spinning aorund! LOL It's amazing how complicated these metal detectors and it certainly makes you appreciate how simple the Minelab PI's are once you get used to them. I'll figure it out eventually.

Hey Fred I've been working down in San Diego for the last few months and I think I may fire this bad boy up down here. If your up for a beach hunt or something let me know.

Bill I'll shoot you a PM in the next few days. I need to pick up a few for this new toy.


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Wait a minute here...I just put it all together. Del you hit a thrift shop in Beverly Hills!!! You genius! :wubu:

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Haha maybe Bucket! LOL Isn;t it amazing what people will give away to Thrift Stores?

Holy s%*t I just read the manual.... I had to actually stop my head from spinning around. These things are freakin complcated! Can someone point me towards some resources to learn from?



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