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Happy birthday Glenn Buddy!!!


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I missed this most of the day then I scanned around to see if anyone put it somewhere that I missed surely nothing gets past Skip....alas i cannot find a post so if I missed it in another location please erase.

:thumbsupanim HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLENN BUDDY!!! :thumbsupanim

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Happy Birthday Glenn, sorry for the late in the day wishes, but it was a long work day.

I hope it was a very good day for you, if it wasn't just blame it on Frank!!! :brows:

X2 :hahaha: :hahaha:

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For the record, I'm 38 today.

My wife and I were talking about me turning 40 in a couple years. I proceeded to tease her that I may be turning 40, but 40 is much kinder to men than women. A woman turning 40 is the equivalent to a man turning at least 50. And that she has menopause to look forward to sometime in that decade.

I also told her the old electrician's joke about when a woman gets to forty, he trades her in for 220. Say it out lodge and understand global electrical standards and it's funny. sorta

Oh well. I gotta get some sleep. Frank and I are headed out in the morning.

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Dear God NO, Don!

I may just have to go find a close cliff to drive off of. :)

Had fun at the dry creek yesterday and found some decent gold. still have a few buckets to get through. I expect to have close to a gram or a little more. Better than Frank and I's normal desert adventures. :)

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Your did not say a word about your birthday today. Happy birthday! I have Angie running the dirt now and picking it out. Some nice gold in that dirt!

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