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Going to hike to a new spot on Saturday

lotsa luck

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I know better in this heat and will take all precautions but a client wants me to sample this old placer this weekend both above and below ground, guess there's a bunch of gopher holes around. The heat at work has me tired enough but maybe I'll find a nice tiger skin while doing the surveys. Its a quick $1K either way so gotta do it anyway.


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Bob, that sounds like a great way to spend the day!

Homey, underground placers are not that uncommon. Many areas where lava flows covered the old river channels are mined by underground operations. Or if the pay dirt is only located in the lower 10 feet above bedrock and there is 400' of overburden, then an underground placer is a way to work it. Probably the most famous underground placers are in the real deep mines of South Africa, Contrary to popular belief, they are not vein gold, but the remains of a giant lakebed that had many gold laden rivers flowing into the lake.

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not to mention that it is claimed that sea water contains gold , so when it evaporated what was left ???

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