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Hey Jim Straight or Chris Ralph...


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Hello Jim, Chris would you guys check out the post by elder-miner on Residual/Elluvial formations. We got talking about other stuff and I would like to see what your thoughts are. Thanks TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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Pocket gold occurs different in differing places. I have seen them without any quartz. Sometimes you might find a pocket or series of pockets at or near the surface that originally existed as some sort of bulge in a tiny vein or tight bunch of stringer veins in a pod consisting of various sulfides, pyrites, carbonates & high in sulfur. Over millions of years, ground water percolates through it causing a chemical reaction that weathers & oxidizes away the pyrites, carbonates & sulfides, leaving the gold in native form ( Google > supergene enrichment < ). The ones I found in SW Oregon had considerable black manganese oxide or brown rusty iron oxide staining at the surface & on float rock that eroded downslope..

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First... I thank rimshot for alerting me to this post. I really appreciate his kindness.

I do have an opinion as to why this "could?" be going on in elder-miners "situation." During

my heyday years, from about 1957 until about 1982 I was a small-scale mine-consultant and

have experienced some similar metallogenenic ore deposits. However, while I'm a geological

engineer (Mackay 1954) I'm not registered and as such I'm leary of posting any opinion.

Now this is my suggestion, the ICMJ has an "Ask the Experts" column. All that elder-miner

needs to do is post the above question to ask the exprts on line to info@icmj.com

As it happens, Chris Ralph is the associate editor of the ICMJ and I'm sure he will

personally answer your question.

I will also mention that "trinityau" is now a freelance writer for the ICMJ. His

last article was one of the best I have seen in a "coons-age." I thank everyone.

And it goes without saying, I thank all of you that on the various forms are always

positive and kind to each other and are not what is known as a "school-yard-bully."


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