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To all you rock tumblers.

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I always had a thing for stuff that goes BOOOMMM! Did the Navy thing in my youth (aviation ordnance) and got to play with some of the big stuff in Grenada and Beirut. Certainly nothing like the close up stuff in Vietnam or even today but just to witness what military arsenals are capable of is simply incredible. Biggest boom I ever seen was the Battleship USS New Jersey firing her 16 inch guns off the coast of Lebanon into the city. That was a sight to remember.

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OK to get back to the original post... I Purchased a new Lortone tumbler at a local rock shop. Dual 3# barrels. Should do me just fine... I looked at that cheap ass chinese crap at harbor freight... No way... This is "Buy American" month... And these are Made in the USA.

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You bought a good tumbler.

Always look at the quaity of the motor, roller bars, belts & bearings.

The cheap Chinese ones run through belts like BurgerKing goes through burgers.


There are also some bigger American made off brand models on ebay at fair prices.

Above is a 40 lb model.

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