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Are These Meteorites? - Opinions?

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I found these some time back and I've wondered about them ever since. I found Suspect 01 first, then minutes later 03, then months later 02. These were all within 30-50 yards of each other. I've wondered if these could be exploded munitions, but the area these were found has no history of use as a range.

I don't want to jump the gun and say these are meteorites, but they are, I think, good candidates. Would like the forums' opinions. The photos are on photobucket at:



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Dude there is no certainty without testing...all the opinions we can muster will never be proof...

The first time I found something like that I "knew" it must be a meteorite...it looked a lot like some of yours...that is until a magnifying glass revealed a made in the USA stamp...too bad for me. There have been many similar pieces since...

keep looking


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Thanks guys. I will do tests and keep on looking. I'll find one eventually!

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