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Any tunnel miners here?


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Few questions for miners that have actually worked for a big mining corporation.

How deep to you have to go to stay cool?

Is the incoming air conditioned or is it just a fan blowing thru a tube?

What is the name of the big grinder that drills the tunnel?

Do you ever hit natural gas pockets?

If so, how do ya'll fix that problem?

How safe do you feel when down in the tunnel?

Do they still use jack hammers too?

Since I asked about the big grinder, do they also use dynamite sometimes?

Just curious.


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If you mean drift and stope mining... They still drill and blast, no tunnel machines used that I know of since they are a huge pain and expense to set up let alone change directions when you hit a fault. Used in road building mostly. After 300 feet vertical things become very humid and the heat rises depending on where you are at. The Magma (just out of Superior) was called that for a reason and fully air conditioned in order to even work. New ownership by the way and they are going MUCH deeper soon I hope.

I am an snug as a bug in a rug ANYTIME I am underground!

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Thank's LL.

I was just wondering how it's done. Funny how you get impressions in your mind when young. I always thought when you go real deep it would be cooler. What i'm saying is the core of the earth is way way down there and I don't mean that deep.But I would have guessed much deeper the 300 feet. I guess my visit to carlsbad wasn't that deep even though it's a cave. Felt very comfortable to me.

I seen a show once where they were using one of those huge bores and I always wondered how they kept it adjusted and working. So now I know. It looked cool. lol!

Thank's for the info!


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I was in an operating drift placer gold mine in the Liberty WA area a couple of different times and told each time the year around temp is about 47 degrees. There are several current drifts and some from the early days 1906 or so that are horizontal and big enough to drive bobcats inside. They are clearing the bedrock of an ancient river bed and it's approx 100 feet or so above the floor of the valley at this time. Pretty damp inside and it was nice to get out of the 90 degree heat (yeah, I know) the last time I was there.

I was also in a hard rock mine up about 4000 ft elevation and it too was in the mid forties temp wise. All the shaft there are horizontal also at this time. Plans are to start going down (verticle, not sure of the correct term for verticle shaft) this winter to follow the vein.

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Thank's for the info. Kinda looks like depending on what state you live in determines the temp undergound.


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