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Prospectors and the D.E.A.


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As I have already posted, I like to prospect with the use of chemicals, it's quick (but not cheap,), and

takes all the guess work out of the process ( at least most of it ), and ( at least to me ) its fun.

And in the process of buying some new lab equipment from a new to me supplier, I was informed

by them that, there was some equipment that due to Texas law, they could not sell to me !

Now I have some lab glassware that I have had for years, but I'm wanting to try some of the newer

( at least to me, because some of these tests have be in use for 20 or 30 years ) tests and I don't

have the equipment needed to do them. Just was never interested in doing them but wish I had !

Some of the needed equipment is on the forbidden list, well am I in shock, am I in a rage, you bet

your last dime I am ! As a law abiding citizen of the state of Texas I have to ask PERMISSION to

buy or possess a stupid piece of glass (not one but a whole list ), why? because some nit wit in

office thinks that, it will not get into the hands of even bigget nit wits that will use it to make DOPE!

The forms I downloaded to get all the information so I can APPLY for a permit to buy any of those

items, was written by lawyers, and as you might guess, it takes one to understand what it all means,

and if you fill it out wrong in any way they won't process it so you don't get it. This could go on and

on but by now you get the picture. How's the D.E.A. fit into this mess? You have to get on there

web site to find out if any of the chemicals you have to use is on there FORBIDDEN list. Yep you

know what your going to run into, Now most of them are not something other than a drug maker

large or small would ever be using so no big loss, but there are a few that have been in use by

prospectors to test for Gold, Zinc, Lead, Copper and more.

Iodine, used to test for gold by one of the oldest chemical test known " Purple of Cassius "


Sulfuric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid:

Toluene; used to run cxHM test for Zinc, Lead, and Copper, ( this test is used world wide, and

toluene can and is used where Xylene in unavailable ).

And there are several others that can or are used in the testing for minerals. The part that

should concern prospectors is the fact that the amount they can buy and have on hand is

not clear, it only states it should not be of an amount that might cause someone to THINK

it would be used to manufacture drugs with. If any of you think you want to get into testing

for minerals with the use of chemicals please check your state laws and the the D.E.A.s web

site first to make sure your not breaking any laws. I havent got to the border patrol people

yet to see what kind of problems I might have if they pull into my camp and see what I have

in it. It would most likely look like a small scale drug lab. This could be a very big problem

if a person is set up anywhere south of I 40 interstate and I'm not jokeing! MAKE SURE your

right, then go ahead!

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If they ever came into my studio, I am positive I would be accused of having bomb making stuff. Nitric acid, Potassium Nitrate, liver of sulfer, just to name a few and a whole host of solvents. I can get all this in CA... hard to believe TX is more restrictive

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Acetone , Any Hardware Store.

Sulfuric Acid Most Automotive Stores they Call it Battery Acid.

Hydrochloric Acid: Wall Mart and Most Hardware Stores, they call it Pool Cleaner or Concret Etchent

Toluene Back to the Paint Store for this one.

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