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How a prospector can get in trouble with the DEA!


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Now I know most prospectors don't go looking for trouble of any kind

they just want to go looking for Gold or Silver or what ever, I'am the

same way except I look for them a little bit different than most of you.

I try to learn from the big mining companys and the U.S.G.S. by using

chemical tests to tell me what 's in the soil or rock instead of me just

looking and guessing whats there, They don't and I won't ever again.

There are a number of tests the a prospector can do on there own

with chemicals to help locate ore bodys and such.Want to know if that

heavy dark looking rock you picked up and carryed back to camp or

home has Silver in it? Well don't bother eyeballing it because VERY

few rocks that have silver in them, show it, but you can find out in just

a minute or two with a simple chemical test called the Hypo-Test.

Heres how to do it.

First you need get the chemicals: you'll have to go to a chemical supply

house to get them.

2 or 3lb.s of Sodium Thiosulfate ( used for years in darkroons as film fixer )

and 1lb of Sodium Sulfate. ( this stuff is VERY stinky stuff, open and use

it out of doors or you'll wish you had, and don't get it on you'll have to wear

it off!

A test tube: 1/2" x 6" is large enough, look in a hobby store for it.

1gal. of distilled water, don't use tap or spring water.

Now you need to crush your rock to powder ( -80 mesh or finer )

Keep in mind there is going to be very little silver in most rocks you

just pick up so you might need to pick up a lb. or two and pan it down

to about a tablespoon of con.s to have it show in your test.

You want about a half inch of sample in the test tube, then pour in about two

to two and a half inchs of a saturated solution of sodium thiosulfate

( a saturated solution is when you can't get anymore of the chemical to

dissolve in a fixed amount of water ) ( when you buy your chemicals ask

if they have a 250 or 500 ml wash bottle) buy one or two of them to use

with the sodium thiosulfate to make your life simple.

Cap the test tube with a stopper or your thumb and shake hard for two

minutes or so, then let stand for 5 minutes or so , (till it settles most of

the sample and clears up some. Then add 1or 2 drops of sodium sulfate

( Make this up as a saturated solution also)

and do not shake! If there is any silver in your sample a black ring will

form at the top, if no black ring no silver! Use a plain old eye dropper

for this.

If your sample is a sulfide, you'll have to roast it before testing ( heating

it untill its red hot and it quites smoking will be enough )

As this turned out a little longer that I thought it would I'll do a different

post to tell you how you can get in trouble with the DEA!

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