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Looking for some locations

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Hello fellow hunters,

I am going down to Temecula in southern California thru monday. I have been trying to research any dry lake beds or good sites to search, but have come up with nothing. If anyone knows about dry lake beds in that general area or along the way (driving down from san francisco) it would be greatly appreciated.

Happy hunting to all.


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We're in the middle of a huge heat wave right now. It was 105* at my house yesterday, and it's usually 20-30* cooler at my house than where I hunt out in the Mojave. I would not recommend going out this weekend unless you have experience with desert survival and the proper gear to, literally, not kill yourself; this is not the time of year for casual hikes to look for meteorites. If you are so bold (and prepared, i.e. 1 gallon H2O per person per hour), you'd have to head out toward Borrego Springs, or down into the Imperial Valley west of El Centro.

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There is not a whole lot down this way I live right next to temecula. But if you have a day to kill you can head north to Barstow and hunt coyote dry lake. I my self have never found anything there but there has been a lot of first time luck there. There are a number of lakes up in that area hunted most of them and got zip. Pretty hot out now for hunting so if you go take shade and LOTS of water. Good luck.


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Thanks guys. I've been experiencing 107 degree weather here, so I think it's a no-go. However, I'm thinking about paying a visit to Cuddeback dry lake bed (saw a sign for it on the way down) on a future trip, and will look into the locations mentioned. I agree that right now is not the best time to go weather wise...it is SO HOT here! Oh well, thanks for the tips. Hopefully I'll get to search again soon.

Happy hunting to all!

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No need to be sorry, Simon...Bill is kindly saying that there is a couple of lifetimes worth of experience, technique and information available to anyone willing to sift through the archives...almost every nubbie has the same set of questions. All of those questions have been asked and answered, usually more than once.

Way back when I first learned of FORUMS, the first thing did after joining was to read all the back posts...something weird just happens to the font...


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