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Meteorite Cleaning after find...

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While I've never found a for sure meteorite, I have some suspects that are little rusty. I was wondering if the forum could give me some tips on what works on them. They are iron, rusty and very delicate in some spots with 'shaling'(?). I used a soft toothbrush to get the dirt out, but unsure as to how to get rid of the rusty spots. I've read about so many different ways and they can't all be right. Should I even try removing the rust?

Is 'Metal Rescue' an option? I tried it on a regular piece of iron and it left it pitted and dull. I plan to post some photos on photobucket afterwards to ask and see what the forum thinks; meteorites yes or meteorites not.

Thanks ,


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Thanks Fred. They aren't that bad, but I wanted to brighten them up a little. I agree with you and I'll leave them the way they are.

I've taken photos and posted these on photobucket at:




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