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This is very much a Land Use Issue for all. The below link should take you to SEMA Action Network (SAN) addressing the US Marines 29 Palms Base Expansion into Johnson Valley, CA. SAN is requesting support of a proposal to allow everyone access to the Johnson Valley.


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Look on Facebook for "7 days to save the Hammers"

This fight has been going on for 7 years now. It is a scary prospect. I am involved with the King of The Hammers race every year and we gain a lot of business after the race in both sales and partnerships.

SEMA SAN, BRC, Cal 4 Wheel, USFWDA, and many more groups are fighting like hell to get the Marines to expand in a different direction.

Also... there ARE gold claims in the area (north of the OHV area, west of 29 Palms USMC Air Base)

We ALL support our troops, this isn't about that. This is for several reasons:

Loss of economic input to Yucca and Lucerne Valleys from the several races, club outings, and impromptu wheeling runs to the area

Loss of the largest and most diverse trail and OHV play areas in CA (Blake aka HeyBeerMan can attest to that)

Loss of more land to complete govt control and closure to become a bombing/training range.

Regarding the economic impact... look at the populations of both Lucerne and Yucca Valley. Now, imagine 20,000+ people descending on the area for a week with motorhomes, off highway vehicles, and all the rooms in the area sold out. We also need those.motorhomes pumped a time or two. We go out to eat in the area. We need auto parts and clean Walmart and the like out of many things. We buy fuel for our vehicles and generators...

The economic impact is easily a few million dollars (I road one time it was in the $4.5-5MM range.

We also police the living cap out of "Hometown" and leave it MUCH cleaner than it was found.

That is just one of several events held.in the area. Some local companies RELY on these events to stay open and keep employees on the payroll.

Add to that... there has never been a single arrest made at our event. Why? Because we police ourselves and realize we are visitors, and we respect the land and enjoy what it gives us in the form of freedom, pleasure, and adventure.

PLEASE help!!! Call your local congressperson and let them know you do not support the westward expansion of 29 Palms. They can go east without impacting the area in a negative manner.

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