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Uncle Ron

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Yo All ... It looks like the producers of the "Race for Gold" TV show got it finished but don't have a TV distributor to show it ... Here's a Youtube video they did on it ... It looks like they got into the real deal compared to those clowns on the other two gold shows on discover .... Sure was nostalgic for me ... I miss the old days of living all summer in a wet suit, slinging boulders, smashing fingers and GETTING GOLD!!! Cheers, Unc

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Most all of these guys are friends of mine from Virginia and surrounding states, but mostly they're from Virginia, there is one guy from California on the team whom I don't know, he is an acquaintance of the claim owner

The action in the video was from 2009 and filmed in Siskiyou County California on a patient claim just before the dredge ban when into effect and was a prelude to the Race For Gold concept.

I had the opportunity to go and be involved on what you see in the video, but due my job/work schedule I was not able to take off the 4 weeks required to be apart of the action. :cry2:

Everything about the Race For Gold started with this expedition.

The Race For Gold hasn't filmed any episodes as of yet but they have filmed a trailer to present to any interested production companies and are in talks with several production companies at the present time, the trailer is not on their Youtube Channel, I'll check with the owners and see if I can post it here.

The gentleman that brainstormed all of this is a recently retired Marine Sargent, he goes by the username/nickname of "Shack", he was still in the Marines at the time of the video, he and his partners are adamant about The Race For Gold not being ANYTHING like the "other" shows, all of the team members you see in the video are true miners/prospectors/dredgers, they all detest the "other" shows that are being aired!!! .


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