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Usually figured in "GPM" (gallons per minute).

A ten inch sluice will handle 150 gpm just fine.

A 14" will take 300 gpm.

As far as a formula, there is one but I don't happen to know it.

The formula graduates by multiples for each inch in width/depth.

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If you are using your sluice as a power sluice or highbanker ,here is the size

pump I use. For my 8 inch Gold Buddy I use an 850 GPH 12 volt pump.

For my 10 X 48 inch I use a 2200 GPH 12 volt pump. I have return valves on

the 10 X 48 to adjust the flow rate. The 8 inch runs full flow at 850 GPH and

doesn't need any flow adjustment.

At times I use a 2 1/2 HP gas pump on the 10 inch sluice. I use the return

valve with it ,and it only runs a an idle. This same pump or the 2200 GPH

will also run a 12 inch sluice.

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