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Annual 2012 Mining Claims Filings


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And I have seen a Toyota Forerunner up side down off of one of those switchbacks, owner decided not to report it and just leave it.

The sheriff soon arrived at Stanton and informed him,the owner to remove it or the BLM /State would along with the sheriff at the owners expense. needless to say it had been stripped by then, it was removed, at what cost I don,t know.

What route did the Subaru take? The Johnson mine or the west side or ?


The drive to the top of Rich Hill is almost like a highway. A careful driver in a two wheel drive pickup could make it up. I have even seen a Subaru up there

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I can’t tell you who slid the language into the Texas legislators lap, for sneaky submission into the legislation.

But I can NOW tell you (PROOF POSITIVE) who signed off on it, allowing BLM to do it, the illegal way it was.

That is none other than....... drum roll...................

Marcilynn A. Burke, Acting Assistant Secretary, Land and Minerals Management.


It was right in front of my face all along, I just didn't see it.

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If you're paying your fees, and you fill out the form for your claims, at least in AZ, the old fee is listed on the MCF112 Maintenance Fee Payment form available on the AZ BLM's website of $140 per claim, whereas now its $155 per 20 acres. For my 40 acre claim, I owe $310, now $140. That would short the BLM by $170 and have them kick the form back to me.

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Exactly the same-amen-no cost but must file annual labor. They are asking that you file both at the same time so they don't get lost/mixed up/screwed up :arrowheadsmiley: Competance? Competence?? They got no competance :idunno: John

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Anyone know if the small miners waiver/proof of labor has changed?



Fee remains $10.00 per claim listed on Notice of Intent to Hold and Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work

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The brief answer is no. Only United States Citizens can locate mining claims.

However a foreigner can own a United States company and that company can own mining claims.

Hope that helps Jeroen.

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