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If you can go..... Our rights are at stake!

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303 W. 3rd, San Bernadino (corner of 3rd and Arrowhead)

2nd Floor @ 10 AM

Go to www.westernminingalliance.org and look at the Calendar and you will find a map

We need to fill the courtroom with miners on this coming Friday for the court hearing. Bring all your friends too. We need to show Judge Alvarez that there are many local, Southern CA miners affected by the illegal dredge ban. This is a CRITICAL hearing in which the judge may decide to hear all 6 cases related to suction dredging together, here in San Bernardino County, instead of in Alameda County which seems to be the source of the environmental extremism and potential bias. The number of miners showing up in support of PLP will have a tremendous impact.

Be sure to show up early as the parking is somewhat limited.

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Bill... thanks.. unforunately I'm still unable to drive or walk more than a short distance.

Everyone... Check the "Stapp Mine" post. There is more about the meeting. The tread

is not mine, but it is good... thanks to whomever added to my post as I'm unable to do it.

The courthouse is near the corner of 3rd and Arrowhead. I understand there is ample

parking a block south, on the south side of 2nd street just east of Arrowhead.

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There was another post about this on other sites,

it's probably good to get all the information up that can be put up.

It was Wes, Hawkeye who posted it...

in any case here it is:

Folks I know this is an Arizona based website but there are a lot of people from California on it and I just wanted to pass this on. Chris I hope you don't mind. I read this on the WPA web site this morning and thought I would pass it along to all I could. I have just cut and pasted it to these pages to save time. Its dealing with a hearing about the lawsuit to support dredging.

There is a CRITICAL hearing this coming Friday, Aug. 3rd at 10 AM (not 8:30 as originally announced) in which the Judge may decide to hear all six cases together, here in San Bernardino County, instead of Alameda County which would likely garner the miners a much more fair and unbiased venue. The number of miners showing up in support of PLP will have a tremendous impact. The judge will see how serious we are about saving dredging rights in CA and hopefully decide to hear the cases here locally.

Here is the address: (Near the corner of 3rd and Arrowhead)

Civil Court House

303 WE. Third St.

San Bernardino, CA 92415-0210

There is ample parking a block south on the south side of Second St. just east of Arrowhead.

Please if you have time try to attend this. This is very important even if you don't dredge because if the enviro's are successful in this lawsuit they won't stop with dredging. Powersluicing will be next, then just a simple sluice box will be targeted then come the detectorists. They won't stop until we can't even set foot in a river or stream or public land. The other thing I have been personally doing is sending letters to the editor of my local paper contradicting what our local Sierra Fund leader puts in the paper. I get a tremendous amount of feedback from people that read it and want to know whats going on.

Thanks everyone


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