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Son thinks he found a Meteorite field ?

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16 year old son is convinced that the below pictures are actual Meteorites and says their is a lot more in one area. Also found in the same area, is gold like dust/sand that is highly reflective.

Any clues?

He did the following tests:

1) Magnet Test: with both regular magnet and earth magnet and both adhered to all samples and below video link shows him pulling SAMPLE with magnet

2) Used back of white tile, and scratched the surface and left a barely visible line (grey) and one sample appeared very faint rust look

Video link showing sample attracted to magnet






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Those pics are pretty good so now slice one open and post some pics for a definite picture analysis.

Then you'll have a better understanding if it looks like a meteorite interior or not for you future reference.

Haven't had time to research the different responses of basalt vs volcanic rock vs slag

But these are magnetic , so I assume the other suggestions are also ALL magnetic ?

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