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Gravel pit North valley, phoenix in arizona

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Does anybody know what they were mining in the north valley at Jomax and N Dysart?


I was hiking along the ridgeline to the south of the area and the trail ended above the pit site. It appears to be abandonded, so I wandered around abit and found some rocks that look like quartz crystal but darker color and soft enough to actually scratch with my thumbnail. Not shiny, semi transparent and crystaline but again, too soft to be quartz.

Anybody know off the top of thier head what they were digging for here?

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Gypsum and Mercury have been mined in that spot too...so be careful what you bring home....and if you look along rt. 51 you can also see some gypsum deposits... but the mercury and cinnabar are mostly gone now.

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Glenn ...I spent more than 50 hours last month looking for cinnabar / mercury over in dreamy draw. The old mines were just north of the dam ... the one with the no trespassing signs plastered everywhere. The other productive mine was right in the middle of Rt. 51 but have yet to find any... I am still looking but not very hard after all the warnings on here when i posted about it on another thread. DD has an awesome concrete paved 12 foot wide bike trail ... makes for easy access to the small peaks. I managed a few cool rocks from there but no cinnabar... hope you have better luck than i did.

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I have a wife, kid, and Sgt Frank to drive me crazy. No need for mercury poisoning :)

There is, from.what I've been told and seen evidence of, an old cinnabar mine and mercury roaster in the Sunflower Mine area, which is up 87 almost to Payson.

Went on a Jeep trip before I was really in to prospecting and saw the old roaster on the side of the trail. Not sure how to get in there anymore as the road we took in is now closed off. Sure was a fun set of old roads and trails back in there.

I wouldn't know cinnabar if it walked up and shook my hand, though, to be quite candid.

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