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Hi Guys,

I have a gpx5000, I found a couple nice size nuggets in an area but no small stuff. A buddy of mine sugested I go over the area with the double d coil. Up till now I was using a coiltec 14x9 blitz mono.

Is there any truth in this? will the dd do better on small targets?

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BWD if your tuning your coiltek to run quiet.....no problems with hotrocks.....going slow.....coil on the ground...

no problem with EMI's .....I think you are getting all of the gold in that area.....but give the DD a go and see

what happens.....I run DD's about 75% of the time but my circumstances are quite different.....

You might do better spending the time griding the area at least two different directions....low and slow....

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IT ALWAYS is a good idea to go over and area you have found gold with more than on coil... Say you scored nuggets with a 11 inch mono in an area. You now need to ask yourself some questions....

Is the ground deep? will I need to tru a larger coil for nuggets I may have missed at depth

were they all small nuggets? perhaps I should try a smaller coil to see if I missed any smaller bits

Was the soil fairly mineralized? I may want to try a DD also a DD with the newer GPX are quite efficient and depth loss and sensitivity not near the issue it was with earlier model detectors

Your friend is 100% correct and I hunt all my productive areas with several different coils depending on conditions.

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