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Lucky rabbits feet

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Notice I didn't say lucky rabbit foot. Was back up to the mine cabin area as I wanted to stain the deck and when it was done I thought I would go down to the slope and do some detecting, Well after scrapin and racking I managed 4 of the little ones in the picture, nothing else so I went back to the cabin to eat and stayed the night. the next morning it was nice and cool 44 degree and thought to go do some more detecting. After some racking time and getting the smallest dink inthe picture this snowshoe hare comes hopping along and watches me for awhile, just sits there and watches. All I had with me was my cell phone camera so I layed the detector down and walked around behind im to get him and my dig area in the pic which he stayed put for. post-227-0-44244700-1343774283_thumb.jpg Was getting time for breakfast but thought to give it one more try. Get this nice loud zip and thinking it's another square nail I dig it and start taking the big rocks out of the scoop, woops the signal is gone so I start dropping the rocks back in the scoop one at a time and bingo there is a little glint of gold staring back at me thru the dirt. When I turned around to show the rabbit he was gone. Maybe this was the lucky rabbit This last piece weighed ____ grams and the smallest weighed .018 grams post-227-0-55157400-1343774610_thumb.jpg Not to bad for before breakfast hunt.

I sure hope that snow shoe rabbit comes around the next time I'm up there.

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