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KOSS headphones Warranty, love these guys

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As many here know I just love the stock KOSS UR-30 headset that comes with Minelab Detectors, but here is another reason... The warranty!

I have a set that quit working after a couple years and here is our email conversation..... Start at bottom.

-----Original Message-----

From: CustomerSupport@koss.com

Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 8:18am

To: nuggetshooter@reagan.com

Subject: Re: Koss UR-30

Thank you for contacting Koss Stereophones!

Your product is covered under the Lifetime Warranty. Please review the steps below to obtain your warranty.

Stereophones that were purchased after July of 1989 are covered by our Limited Lifetime warranty.

Please send your stereophones to our Corporation and we will repair or replace them in accordance with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

If you are sending from the U.S., our address is:

Koss Corporation

Attn: Warranty Return

4129 N. Port Washington Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53212

You may also visit our Milwaukee location if you are from the area.

For all Canadian warranties, please send to:

Koss Stereophones

Attn: Service Department

173 Cartier

Suite #101

Pointe-Claire, P.Q

H9S 4R9

This is a mail-only drop box.

Please include: $9.00 for US warranty or $10.00 for Canadian for the return shipping and handling per stereophone (money order, cashier's check, or personal check: payable to Koss Stereophones), a note describing the failure, as well as your contact information: return shipping address, phone number and email.

We recommend that you keep your tracking information on file. If you would like to check the status of your warranty, please call our customer service rep at 1-800-USA-KOSS.

Thank You,

Koss Stereophones

Customer Support




06/15/2012 09:30 PM

To: customersupport@koss.com


Subject: Koss UR-30

I have a 2 year old set of UR-30 headphones that came with my Minelab GPX5000 that do not work. Appears the cord is damaged at entrance to ear cup. I was told these have lifetime repair or replacement warranty, is this true? Should I send them to you?

Best Regards, Bill Southern


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I have a friend who just loves those UR-30 but I hated mine, never could get them to stay on my head so now he has two of them. I will say when it was cold enough to wear my hoodie they almost stayed on and I was amazed how well they sound.

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