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Matt... Clay... El Dorado... You all three are Great Guys... Thanks for Your Friendship!

Jerry Hobbs... another Great Guy and the president of the PLP now has taken over

Stapp Mining... It is now Wilderness Mining. The addess and phone number are the same.

Jerry will pass any messages to Terry and Dee... They are great friends.

As we all know Jerry is running himself ragged in the PLP's effort to reinstate dredging

in California... For this, Jerry sometimes neglects his store... It goes without saying Jerry

needs all of the support he can get...

Last January Jerry drove to my house and loaded my wheelchair in his van and took me

to the Pomona GPAA Gold Show. It was raining and he made sure I got into the Building

as fast as possible... Then he took me home that evening, unloaded my wheelchair and

made sure I was safe inside my home. That is what Jerry Hobbs does!!!!

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Quick everyone check our the Very Important meeting

David Young, the attorney hired by Public Lands for the People to defend the right of the People of the State of California to exercise their right to dredge in California waterways. Teamed up with Jerry Hobbs and PLP, he has made excellent progress in helping miners regain their right to mine. He asked to please, please show up at the hearing next week and bring as many miners as possible to show Judge Alvarez that there are many local, Southern CA miners affected by the illegal dredge ban. There is a CRITICAL hearing this coming Friday, Aug. 3rd at 10 AM (not 8:30 as originally announced) in which the Judge may decide to hear all six cases together, here in San Bernardino County, instead of Alameda County which would likely garner the miners a much more fair and unbiased venue. The number of miners showing up in support of PLP will have a tremendous impact. The judge will see how serious we are about saving dredging rights in CA and hopefully decide to hear the cases here locally.

Here is the address: (Near the corner of 3rd and Arrowhead)

Civil Court House

303 WE. Third St.

San Bernardino, CA 92415-0210

There is ample parking a block south on the south side of Second St. just east of Arrowhead.

Please forward this to everyone you know that is interested in saving our FREEDOMS, even if they aren't a miner this will affect all of us. Once they are successful stopping mining using these underhanded tactics, they will start on the next group (they have already begun to tighten the noose of fishing rights).

See you there this Friday.

Time is short. The meeting will be held in San Bernardino

on this Friday, August 3. It will be on the future of dredging in California.

This is just one example of what Jerry Hobbs, PLP, is doing instead of attending to

his business on Friday.

Matt, if you see this I pm'd you Dee's home phone number...

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