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Back to the slope for morefly specks

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.Went back down the draw to the point that I had worked the previous week. I re-raked the bottom 3rd of the slope and found another 15 tiny dinks with the GB2 and 6" coil. post-227-0-39729900-1343518241_thumb.jpg post-227-0-03601300-1343518243_thumb.jpg I detected it one way and then again at a 90 degree angle and re- raked it again but couldn't pull any more out. I then went up and brought some more down and found nothing.post-227-0-11877600-1343518266_thumb.jpg The total pieces from this spot is 47 for a total weight of grams with the biggest weighing .796 grams and the smallest weighing .014 grams.

I did classify a 6 gallon bucket of the dirt and run thru a small 12V sluice and basically found squat.

Going to branch out and work along the upper bank to see if I can locate where this stuff is comming from, There are a few other points like this in the draw and those will get tested as time permits

This little guy not to far from me kept poking his head out of a hole to see what I was doingpost-227-0-16900600-1343518283_thumb.jpg

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Nice finds Allen!

It would be interesting to know where the gold came from. There's a vein just waiting on you to find it...haha!

That would drive me nuts not knowing. :cool:

GL finding it.


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Man, that is so good your in a spot like that. :) Plus you got to see a critter.

Keep at it. Glad your getting gold out of there.

Is that a badger?

Youl get the source....keep at it. :)

Tom H.

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Greetings Allen,

Really nice find. Those gold specimens look like vein material. I think you are there, just keep digging.

Lots of luck and keep us informed.


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Allen I did a little before and after picture for you and wrote a note in bottom corner. Nice work.



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