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Anybody Ever See This Before?

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Looking for some insight on this phenomena. This is two different types of rock that have some how been fused together. I think the base rock is some kind of granite and have no idea about the upper dark colored rock? The darker rock is very heavy. I am not too knowledgeable about this stuff but I think I came to the right place to find out about this rock.






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Found this two days ago and was told its decomposed granite . After looking at your samle must be . This stuff I found is loaded with fine gold . There's also really a yellow green cristle that glows yellow under UV ,there's also mercury on most of the gold which I removed by heating . I found around 500 lbs of this stufff and plan to grind it up this weeked to work out the gold





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Thanks for the input guy's. I think Goldfinger may be on the right track but i could not find any images of a gneiss that had such a radical difference in rock forms. What would have caused the two rocks to fuse together as they have?


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I got one a few weeks ago , need to build some kinda smelter . Its some good stuff but need to roast it to see it because of the mercury , here's the sample I took about 1" deep pan full . Its more chunky than the stuff in the creeks , there's some micro size that can't be seen with the naked eye , can't wait to get all worked out . I busted it all up last night so it will fit in my crusher . I got 4 buckets full to run



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