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Shirts Cool by 10 degrees

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Just saw this in Popular Science that Columbia Sportswear is selling Omni freeze/Zero freeze t-shirts that utilize a nano sized donut wicking system that they tested to reduce your body temperature by 10 degrees!! As all you desert ratz know that is a HUGE amount when the day is hot and that paystreak just keeps on a hittn'. I'll be getting one asap as yesterday was 106 and bad day in a canyon--be cool-John

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Two of my friends bought them, and attest that they do make you feel much cooler, and drier. Hope to get a couple before my next outing, will let you know what I personally thnk. HH Jim

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:tisk-tisk: Nano, schmano, I'm sure they work ......

wear a big straw hat and pour water inside it, periodically.... 30% of your blood flow goes to your head.

Water and sweat has been cooling bodies for a kabillion years.

This new shirt doesn't do anything new.

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I've been wearing evaporative white T-shirts from Sears and JC Penney for years ...Unless the temp's over 90 these shirts result in feeling almost too cold when the sweat evaporates ... They usually are on sale for less than $10.00 ... Cheers, Unc

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:wubu: IN all fairness , I have to say that if weight and performance are absolutely crucial, then by all means pop for the nano shirt.

Unless, it's a totally formfitting shirt though,, I think the technology is a waste.

Is the shirt supposed to be like a skin tight stretch knit? How else would it wick away perspiration from all over your torso( than to be in contact with it)?

:nutty: YOu could get Omni "nano tights" as well- let's call them" tighty whiteys" as they would be formfitting to your legs and white to reflect as much radiant heat away as possible.

Don't forget the big wide brim straw hat :D , and neckerchief( with water absorbing crystals sewed inside) to help keep you cool, as well, and... .


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