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Whole lota dirt some sweat and a few pickers

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Was up to the cabin for a few days and went down the draw to have a look around as it has been mined heavely over the years. there are a few outcropings that didn't get mined so i chose this one to have a go. I was using the minelab 5000 with 8" commandar coil. After knocking down the top of point I detected the dirt on the slope and liberated the pieces shown + 2 more not in the picture. No gold found on the top, it was all in the dirt on the slope.

The next day I went back with the GB2 and worked the top part and found nothing so I went back and raked the sluffed material on the slope again and all the fine littler pickers in the last picture is what I got. I also knocked down another big part of the point and found nothing more using the minelab and GB2. It seems it was all concentrated on the point in the upper layer and not on bedrock.

Well anyway EAHAGD

Allen in MT






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Great work Allen ... Nice group of nuggets! El D ... I'm with you ... Allen has given me a couple ideas to try in a new spot I'm working on. Mike F

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