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Always watch the weather!!!

Au Seeker

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I just heard from a few friends up in North Carolina, they have been dredging in a large river just over the state line in South Carolina, they watch the river stages via ACOE website to be sure it's safe from rising water, yesterday they did very well getting a lot of fine gold and a small amount of small chunky pickers, but today while dredging a popup thunderstorm caught them by surprise dumping several inches of rain, the water rose at least 4ft. in a matter of minutes, I have yet to hear the whole story, but all are alive and safe and they will be going back tomorrow after a good night's rest too try and find the remains of several sunken dredges!!!

BE CAREFUL OUT THERE and watch the weather for rapidly changing conditions!!!


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Amen Skip ,

People tend to forget that a rain storm miles away can cause water levels to rise downstream even under bright sunshine or dark of night. People should always camp above the high water level when they can , and check weather conditions as much as possible.

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Last weekend at Crown King Rd in Cleator ... Oppps ... Someone screwed up and tried to cross the moving water and paid the price with a destroyed vehicle. Mike F


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One time I was in the Membres and driving along.

I turned around to go back a mile to a spot I seen and the road that was dry 5 minutes ago had two foot of water over it 30ft wide.

I had just drove over it dry minutes before.

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