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Hello from North Carolina.


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Hey guys I wanted to introduce myself to ya. My name is Josh I live in the the southern part of Stanly County here in NC. I have been reading and learning alot from you folk. I have always loved rocks and minerals well bout everything you guys talk about out on here.

Hopefully I can get some time to do a little pannin and maybe post some pics.

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Welcome Rooster!! I do believe Skip is from South Carolina or so he says...(I personally think he lives in cyberspace and is a hard drive :hahaha: ) so there is quite a variety of states in here, I'm sure someone knows your area.

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Thanks for welcome. Just so you can get an idea the territory I live in is about 30 miles from the famous

Reed mine where gold was first discovered in the US by Conrad Reed. A 17 lb nugget. Enough of my ramblin you guys know all about that I am sure. But I do find it interesting that a guy just a couple years back found a $25,000 dollar nugget in another creek not far from the Reed mine.

I take it most of you guys are west or midwest.

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Welcome to the message board Josh and good luck in your search for whatever rings your bell. Coins, jewerly, gold, rocks (minerals), and meteorites here. Some copper but not much silver. I might ask a friend over to show you his silver which would blow away any man's mind to the point of almost unbelievable. But very real indeed. Quite amazing what the earth has to offer for those who are willing to work hard enough for it. GL again in your endeavors.


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Welcome Rooster!!

There are many member here from various parts of the USA, since this is a Arizona forum the majority are from the west but we have a good many member from the eastern USA.

I live well south of you in South Carolina (at least during the day when at work and then I get home and live in CYBERLAND as Bucket says :ROFL: ) I don't get away as much as I would like to go and find some gold being that the closet good gold is at least 4 hours away, too busy with work and can't get time off, when I do get to get away I usually come up your way, I know many people in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and other eastern states that prospect and find a little to some decent gold.

Have you done any panning yet?


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Don't let Skip fool ya. His real name is HAL9000 and he lives in a heavily fortified data center. The way he comes back with info any time asked if sure as shootin proof of that.

I'm a transplant to AZ from AR, by way of AL and FL.

Welcome to the forums. Be sure to read around on Bill's main site. Lots of good info and stories.

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