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Meteorite hunters @ Palomar Observatory

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What do meteorite hunters do when they're not hunting? They follow their other interests like visiting observatories.

In the last few months, I have had the honor of giving tours at Palomar Observatory to some of the best and most gracious meteorite hunters.

The only down side to giving these tours, was that they were not willing to give up their secret hunting grounds.

Honored guests:

Bob Verish, Moni Waiblinger, Troy & Cathy Ball, (Dolan) Dave & Pam Libuszowski, Geoff Notkin, Libby and Palomar staff

post-3321-0-40350400-1342385272_thumb.jp post-3321-0-81229700-1342384314_thumb.jp post-3321-0-59537000-1342384380_thumb.jppost-3321-0-86138000-1342385099_thumb.jppost-3321-0-90384200-1342385155_thumb.jppost-3321-0-62969800-1342387545_thumb.jp

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Thank you Richard for the awesome tour. It was nice to have 70 degree weather for a change. Myself and Pam really enjoyed ourself, and meeting everyone. The upclose tour was fantastic. We just got back home from a long weekend. That 200" telescope is breathtaking. :ROFL: I was amazed at Richards knowledge and devotion to our solar system.


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