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AC Repairman finds 180 ounces of gold in AC Unit

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WOW, what would you do if you found 180 ounces of gold when you went to repair an AC unit!!! :hmmmmm:


Man I could CHILL (pun intended) with that amount of gold, but I would have given it back as well, but only after questioning to see how long the owners have live there and was assured that it belonged to them or a deceased family member and not some previous owner/s.


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Years ago I was a maintenance man at an apartment complex and we had these two older Jewish ladies that had past away fairly close to each other. They were known for being pretty frugal with their money. I was the one cleaning up after they were gone and was doing a modification to the duct under the ac in the closet. After knocking the sheet rock down I found a shoe box that could have only been placed there by taking the grill off. Loads of money was the first thing that came to mind but nothing was inside. I would have turned anything I found into the office but the crooked manager we had would have kept anything for himself.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm guilty of hiding "stuff" all the time, mostly when I go out of town.....in the hurry to get all the required

paper work exactly right for me and the grand-son to visit Okla. last July I put my gold in the Toyota that

has an alarm system and it would stay in the garage and the house also has an alarm but by the time I

returned a month later I forgot where I put the "goods"....

When I started trying to find it I almost went crazy (er)....after several frantic searches in places where I

had never even thought of hiding anything I looked in the Toyota just by accident and there it was....

Now I've got a new system in "caches" on my computer....then transferred to my pin drive....

Old and CRS is the schitz....

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In the late 1960's Okla. City decided to do Urban Renewal in a very large area just East of the downtown area....

the oldest part of town that dated back to the late 1800's...

I had been coin detecting by then for about four years and was using a Garrett Ground Hog Master Hunter....a

no motion TR machine...I was working at the Hdqrs. fire station which was only three blocks from where the Urban

Renewal was starting....

All of the buildings, commercial and residential were very old, some even dated back to the teens and 20's....real

fire traps and we stayed very busy fighting fires in those old buildings.....another project I was staying fairly busy

at was being a Reserve Deputy for the County Sheriff's Dept.....which meant I did a lot of 2400-0800 prisoner

watches at one of the hospitals but the best part is I could carry a firearm concealed while detecting in the very

worst part of OKC....

So to be legal with the proper authority I went to the Director of Urban Renewal, a very nice lady whose name I

don't remember now. She gave me written permission to detect their properties as long as I had my own

liability insurance of one million dollars....which I got that very day and started detecting.....that insurance later

got me into other properties....Urban Renewal is still going on there today and my son who is 48 years old is

now still detecting there.....with a CCW...and a Minelab digital coin machine....

The RR tracks are one block East of Broadway and then two blocks East of the tracks is where the residential

area started.....and the first houses to be razed.....

I had detected these lots before while the abandoned houses where still there....a lot of whiskey bottles and trash

everywhere....weeds were higher than my head....so detecting these sites was a chore....

After the dozer's leveled the houses and the debris was hauled away me and my son and a few other people were

have a field day finding old and silver coins.....two or three of the other folks had the brand new Whites first of it's

kind motion machines....don't remember the model but they were having trouble understanding it.....first thing they

where whipping the coil back and forth as if they were cutting weeds and their coils were about 4" off the ground and

they were using descriminate.....all a bad combination.....since then I never use descriminate.....

On the first square block after the last commercial building at the first house me and my son were finding a lot of old

silver coins.....Indian head pennies....Bufflow nickels.....silver quarters and an occasional half dollar.....a lot of the

old toy cars, most broken and quite a few hand made marbles....

The lots there ran a little down hill and the dozer pushed the debris down to the next street.....as it passed over the flower

beds it just barely broke the top off the cement blocks that formed the boundry between the two lots.....

My son and I are the best of friends but when it comes to detecting together it's competition.....so that one day I noticed

he was detecting the lot next door and a little down hill from me....we were both digging a lot with the trash but he

kept glancing in my direction.....I knew something was up so I hurried up my swings and started detecting in his

direction.....just before I got to him he stuffed something in his pocket thinking I didn't see the move.....I hurried over

and asked "what's in your pocket"? He had one of those schitzy grins as he pulled out a seated liberty quarter.....

and then to top that off he pulled out another one....now the hunt was on!!!

We continued down hill to the small piles of debris that was still on the site finding only trash items....so I turned to

go back up the hill and he turned and stayed even with me about 20 feet away......it just so happend that the concrete

blocks with the tops knocked off was in my path....about one foot from them I got a good signal and less than a inch

deep in loose dirt pulled out a 1897 Barber dime.....what was about to happen a foot away is what coin huners dream


Thinking the two quarters and the dime had been pushed off the lot just on the other side of the flower bed blocks

I put my coil next to the blocks and got a signal....dug a couple of inches of dirt off and the signal was just a bit

stronger.....so dug out some more dirt and the signal was even stronger...now I'm down about six inches so just out

of habit I turned the coil on edge against the blocks and WOW what a signal.....there were only four blocks in a

straight line and this one was the last one......put my hand inside the hole and pulled out a hand full of new dirt

the dozer had left when he scraped over the top......the second hand had dirt and COINS.....then just coins and

then more coins....I said Scott come here and work on that end....same thing....coins in all the holes in the blocks.....

I don't remember now the exact number of coins but it was around 500....my Barber was the oldest...the rest were

in the teens, 20's, 30's and the latest was 1946. I still have all of those coins in a safe in OKC but a few years back

I gave them all to Scott.....after all why not he found the first of them.....and he's a great son.

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G'Day Everyone

I think I've told you before about floor vents and pieces of pipe that cap on both ends hung by a wire. The plumbers always seem to beat me to it. I open them up and the tissue inside has perfect impressions of $20 gold pieces.

But just recently, I've been working on a project in Panorama City, nice folks. Had to move some bookcases on the 2nd story to accommodate a new beam. Underneath one of the bookcases was a tin covered in dust. I opened it up and it was full of gold and silver coins. I took it to the owner and he said to me, he totally forgot about it.

If I hadn't have returned it, he said I could have just walked away with it. It just shows that you do forget. I joked that if I find another one I'm not telling you about it. ;)

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