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My 1st Minelab

Big Jeff

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So I just recently picked up a slightly used SD2100V2. It came with a straight shaft, 2 batteries, 2 power cables, wall and car chargers, 3 coils, nugget buster headphones an external speaker and has a sound amp. Plus a sweet Hodan pick with the shovel end... It seems to work well from what I can tell. Seems like a decent basic machine for me once I learn to listen to it. Ground balancing will be the most difficult part I think. Any tips to speed up the learning curve would be appreciated.

The only other thing I might have to add is a bigger shovel to dig all those really deep pull tabs, shell casings, boot tacks and lead shot that I was so good at finding with my VLF's... :D

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Congrats Jeff, that'll do it you got a good gold and meteorite machine.

There are some on the forum that use the 21V2 and also you can go to Detecting West Australian Gold forum and do some browsing there and find many pointers pertaining to the detector.

Good Luck an Hapy Huntn an hang in there it won't be triple digits forever around here.

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Sounds like a nice set-up ....Those nugget busters and the sound amp are the best things you could have for that detector. Good luck out there, and join the desert gold diggers if you havent already.

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Congrats in getting a great gold getting machine. I think the bigest aid will be to get yourself a couple test nuggets in the .1g to .5g range and place them in a plastic container or glue them to a poker chip, and attached a shoe string to these. Now you got yourself a throw down test nugget that you can lay on the ground or bury. Every chance praticed finding them and pinpointing. You will learn the sound that your detector make when over gold, the more you vary the orientation and depth the more you will learn about your detector and coils. It is also a great confidence builder when out in the field when you can hear and find the nuggets in different ground condictions and with your machine in different setting. Join a club and try to get out beeping with a fellow detectionist,

More Au to you, Robert

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The test nugget is important. Just don't be shy and get camo shoestring. Think like a 6yo girl and get the brightest pink you can.

So you can see the dang thing when you get back from detecting after you threw it down, set your detector, got excited, and walked off without picking it back up.

Everyone has done it at least once or twenty times. :)

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