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How do I post thumbnails?


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If you're referring too the small picture that get bigger when you click on it, the forum's format does that automatically when you post a photo.

If you need to know how to add an attachment, click on "More Reply Options" and then click on the "Choose File" and after choosing your file/photo from your computer click on "Attach This File"


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*Go to your album in Photobucket

*Hover your pointer over the image you want, a drop down menu will appear.

* Left click the "image code" at the bottom, the word "copied" will replace the code.

*In your post on the forums just right click wherever you want the photo and left click "paste" from the drop down menu.

*The image code has now been copied and transferred to your post.

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Hey Adam, Thanks, but I have had that down pat for many years now. I just noticed everyone on here seems to post a thumbnail of the full pic and when you click on it you can view it full sized. I thought I would follow the lead and do it that way but still have not figured it out. Maybe the attach file and just load it from my hard drive instead of PB?

Maybe I am on to something if it will upsize when clicked on. Cool beans, thanks Skip. Takes longer than just pasting from Photobucket but I suppose there's a reason everyone seems to do it this way?

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